This is a heartwarming love story about a lady who married her childhood enemy. Although they grew up together and their mothers were best friends, they disliked each other as kids. However, God had a different plan for them, and they eventually fell in love and got married. 

The story was shared online, along with a family throwback photo of the two of them. Some social media users expressed surprise and confusion about the situation, wondering if they were siblings or cousins. Others congratulated the couple and shared their own similar experiences of marrying someone they had known their whole lives.

She wrote:

“When you and your husband couldn’t stand each other as kids but God had other plans.”

@caratmom72 wrote: “Two best friend taking pictures with their kids isn’t common enough to not include that detail in the caption. Because GURL!”

@mrsyogig wrote: “Ok I went snooping. Moms are best friends. That’s a relief from what I was originally thinking.”

@alwaysprettybuthumble commented: “This is kinda weird. Sorry. My best friend and | have a similar situation and our kids basically grew up together, we took pictures together and everything but our kids grew up like family like to this day they are like brothers and sisters. I could never Imagine my daughter marrying my best friend son they grew up together like literal brother and sister.. Idk.”

@punki3 stated: “Also, I’m truly sorry social media is sacked with people that just choose to be dense af & go out their way to look for scandal. Such a low vibration.”

@queenbeeebeee remarked: “Yeaaaaa Cause I’m over here like OK so are they brothers and sisters or are they cousins definitely should’ve included that in the caption congratulations though.”

@atribecalledcooley commented: “My husband and I have known each other our whole lives. His step mom and my mom were friends from early teens on. My first solid memory of him is when he was around 10, and i was close to 6, and for some reason, I was so annoyed with his spiky hair, when in reality it was his smug attitude I was annoyed with ®&.. flow, almost 30 years later, I still get annoyed when his hair is all spiked up.”

Watch the video below: