Dizastar has released a new song titled Imali ye-Carvela, which is creating quite a buzz in the music industry. The song features a catchy beat and infectious lyrics that are sure to get people dancing.

Listeners are loving the unique sound that Dizastar has brought to the table with this track, and many are predicting that it will become a huge hit. The song’s title, Imali ye-Carvela, translates to “money of Carvela” in English, and the lyrics are all about chasing your dreams and achieving financial success.

The music video for Imali ye-Carvela is just as captivating as the song itself, featuring stunning visuals and an energetic performance from Dizastar. Fans of the artist and newcomers alike are sure to be blown away by this latest release, which showcases Dizastar‘s talent and creativity.

Overall, Dizastar‘s Imali ye-Carvela is a must-listen for anyone who loves exciting and innovative music. With its infectious beat, catchy lyrics, and stunning visuals, this song is sure to become a fan favorite and cement Dizastar‘s place as one of the most exciting new artists in the industry.