Relationship advisor, Blessing Okoro, also known as “Blessing CEO”, has given a piece of advice to men to be cautious about their girlfriends having male best friends. According to her, there is no such thing as a “male bestie”, and women cannot have casual relationships with men. In her opinion, men in committed relationships should exercise extreme caution when they find out that their partners are friendly with another guy.

Blessing used an analogy to describe the situation. She compared it to giving a bone to a dog and asking it not to eat the bone. She believes that a relationship is threatened by male friends. According to her, a male bestie is a man who lacked the courage to ask the lady out, so he settled for the friend zone.

In a video, Blessing claimed that if a man and a woman who are only friends were left alone in a room, there would undoubtedly be some illicit sexual activity. She believes that best friends are more powerful than boyfriends because they have access to all the girl’s details, which they can use to their benefit.

Watch the video below: