One Nigerian woman expressed her devastation after discovering that her husband is gay and refusing to have sex with her after four years of marriage. According to the woman, she and her husband have been married for four years and have a daughter together. However, after discovering that her husband is gay, and despite his initial denial, she still begs him for sex but he is not ready to give in. The woman revealed that she has not had sex in two years and has no desire to cheat or get a divorce, despite her sexual frustration.

The woman explained that she cannot bring herself to have sex with anyone else and that even her husband has suggested that she find another partner. She stated that she is sex-starved and has even attempted to use a dildo, but struggled to insert it due to the length of time since she had last had sex with a man. She is scared to have sex outside of marriage due to her fear of God and the potential impact on her family, including her daughter who adores her father.

The woman shared her story on social media, along with pictures of herself in a state of distress. She expressed her frustration and confusion about her situation and her fear that she will never have a satisfying sex life again. She received sympathy and support from other social media users, many of whom encouraged her to seek counseling or consider ending the marriage.