Khalil Harrison and Gaba Cannal have recently released a new track titled Angisekho Kuwe, featuring the talented vocalist Makhanj. This song is already receiving widespread attention from fans and music critics alike.

With the smooth and soulful vocals of Makhanj, combined with the production skills of Gaba Cannal and Khalil Harrison, “Angisekho Kuwe” is a masterpiece of contemporary African music. The track features a fusion of different genres, including R&B, soul, and house music, making it an instant hit with fans who appreciate diverse musical styles.

Khalil Harrison and Gaba Cannal are both renowned producers and musicians in the African music scene. Their collaboration on “Angisekho Kuwe” showcases their talents and further cements their positions as leading figures in the industry. Makhanj‘s contribution to the track is also impressive, with her powerful vocals adding depth and emotion to the already catchy melody.

Overall, “Angisekho Kuwe” is a must-listen for fans of African music, and it is no surprise that the track is gaining widespread attention and acclaim. With its infectious beat and soulful vocals, it is a testament to the immense talent of Khalil Harrison, Gaba Cannal, and Makhanj, and it is sure to be a hit for years to come.