DJ Switch, has spoken out against Nigerian politicians, labeling them as “the devil.” In a series of tweets, she asserted that the so-called “ritualists” in Nigeria are actually politicians who use violence and intimidation to gain and retain power. She criticized politicians who use public funds to provide the best quality of life for their families, while neglecting the needs of the masses. According to her, politicians who kill their citizens or use security agencies or thuggery to retain or gain power are engaging in ritualistic sacrifice. DJ Switch believes that these politicians are “satanic occultists” and that they are the majority of Nigeria’s political elites.

The DJ’s comments come amidst a growing sense of frustration and anger among many Nigerians, who feel that their government is not doing enough to address issues such as insecurity, unemployment, and poverty. DJ Switch herself gained international attention in 2020, when she live-streamed the shooting of peaceful protesters at the Lekki toll gate in Lagos, during the #EndSARS protests. She has since gone into exile, after receiving death threats for her activism.