A Yoruba deity called ‘Ara Orun’, which translates to ‘People of Heaven’, was spotted casting his vote at a polling unit in Lagos state while dressed in his complete costume. The masquerade was given instructions on how to thumbprint on the voting paper at the polling station.

According to old beliefs, Ara Orun came straight from Heaven and was designated as a lesser African god or goddess with superpowers. The photograph of the Yoruba god in human form casting his vote has stirred different reactions. Some have found it amusing, while others believe it’s a sign that the gods are interested in better living conditions for people.

As seen in the images posted online, the masquerade was spotted wearing his traditional attire while being directed on how to cast his vote by officials of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). The INEC officials are seen helping him thumbprint on the ballot paper before he drops it into the ballot box.

The viral photos have sparked reactions on social media with many people finding it fascinating that a deity was able to vote in an election. Some users joked that the deity could be running for office while others found it amusing that the gods have an interest in the affairs of men.