Mdu aka TRP, a South African producer and DJ, has teamed up with two other heavyweights of the music industry, Kabza De Small and DJ Maphorisa, to release their latest collaborative effort titled Gremlin. The track is a fusion of Amapiano, deep house, and Afro-house music genres, and is characterized by its catchy beats, melodic rhythms, and infectious hooks.

Listeners can expect to be taken on a musical journey with the trio’s seamless blend of different styles and sounds. With MDU aka TRP‘s signature deep house beats, Kabza De Small‘s skillful piano melodies, and DJ Maphorisa‘s electrifying production, the track is a true testament to the talents of these three artists.

The lyrics of Gremlin are a mix of English and South African languages, adding to the cultural richness of the song. The track is perfect for both the dance floor and the headphones, making it a must-listen for fans of Amapiano and deep house music.

Overall, MDU aka TRP, Kabza De Small, and DJ Maphorisa‘s collaboration on Gremlin is a testament to their incredible musicianship and creativity. The track is a celebration of the rich musical heritage of South Africa and is sure to be a hit among music lovers worldwide.