Mellow & Sleazy have collaborated with TmanXpress to release a new track featuring Two’tone Djs, titled Haiibo. The song showcases the unique blend of each artist’s musical style and talents, resulting in a dynamic and catchy track that is sure to captivate listeners.

Listeners can expect to be treated to a seamless fusion of genres, as Mellow & Sleazy, TmanXpress, and Two’tone Djs bring their A-game to the table. The collaboration highlights the individual strengths of each artist, while also showcasing their ability to work together in harmony to create something truly special.

Haiibo is a high-energy track that will get listeners on their feet and dancing along in no time. The lyrics are catchy and the beat is infectious, making it the perfect addition to any playlist. Whether you’re looking for a new song to add to your workout playlist or something to get the party started, Mellow & Sleazy, TmanXpress, and Two’tone Djs have got you covered with Haiibo.