Mick Man, the South African award-winning musical artist, singer, songwriter, and performer, released a song titled “Granny’s Love 2.0,” featuring Kelvin Momo.

Granny’s Love 2.0” is a remix of the original track “Granny’s Love” that was featured on Mick Man’s GRANNY’S LOVE EP. The remix features Kelvin Momo, a fellow South African musician and producer known for his contribution to the Amapiano music genre. The song features a fusion of Amapiano and Afro-house music styles, with a catchy beat and soulful vocals.

Since its release, “Granny’s Love 2.0” has received positive reviews from music critics and fans, who praise the collaboration between Mick Man and Kelvin Momo and the unique sound of the remix. The song has also gained popularity in South Africa and beyond, cementing Mick Man’s position as a rising star in the music industry.

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Written: just now