Reality TV star, Nina Ivy, who gained popularity after participating in the third edition of Big Brother Naija, has announced that she is going under the knife again to enhance her backside. It will be recalled that Nina underwent her first Brazilian Butt Lift procedure in 2021. She took to Snapchat, today March 15, to reveal that she is planning to undergo another round of the surgical procedure. The mother of one posted a video of herself in what appears to be an airport or a gym, and warned her fans ahead of the commotion she will cause after the surgery. She wrote, “Ready for my BBL round 2. Round one was giving, this round 2 just ready to be sick of me.”

A while back, Nina Ivy remarried. It should be recalled that Nina held her traditional wedding in 2020 to a Nigerian man named Anthony. She then relocated to the US and welcomed a son with her husband. Well, in a new development, Nina’s marriage to Anthony has ended, and the brand influencer has now married an African-American man identified as Chris Miller. The mother of one has also changed her name on social media to reflect her new surname, “Miller”.

In the video that Nina shared on Snapchat, she can be seen wearing a red tracksuit and a pair of white sneakers, while standing in what appears to be an airport or a gym. She also had a white cap on her head and a face mask hanging on one of her ears. In the short clip, Nina informed her fans that she is preparing for her second Brazilian Butt Lift surgery, and warned them that they should be ready to be “sick of her” after the procedure.

Nina’s announcement of her second butt enlargement surgery has generated mixed reactions from her fans on social media. While some have shown support and encouragement, others have expressed concern over the potential risks associated with the procedure.

Regardless of the reactions, Nina seems determined to go through with the surgery and enhance her body shape even further. The reality TV star has been known to be very open about her body enhancement journey and has previously shared photos and videos of herself during and after the first procedure.