ProSoul collaborates with Bonokuhle, Howard Gomba, and Phonikz in their latest musical release entitled Yapheli’Mali. The song features a seamless fusion of various music genres and styles, including Afro-pop and House music.

With ProSoul‘s soulful vocals leading the way, the song explores the theme of financial struggles and the quest for success and financial freedom. The lyrics, delivered in a mix of Zulu and English, highlight the importance of hard work, perseverance, and determination in achieving one’s financial goals.

Bonokuhle, Howard Gomba, and Phonikz add their unique flavor to the song, with their distinct vocal styles and contributions to the instrumentals. The catchy chorus and upbeat rhythm make it a perfect dance-floor anthem, while the meaningful lyrics give it a deeper message that resonates with many.

Overall, Yapheli’Mali showcases the immense talent of these four artists and their ability to create music that entertains, inspires, and uplifts. The song is a must-listen for anyone who enjoys African music and wants to experience the rich diversity of sounds and cultures on the continent.