American rapper and talented artist, R-Mean, has just dropped a new song titled “TBS“. This latest release is a testament to R-Mean’s consistency and dedication to his craft, as he continues to deliver quality music to his fans.

The track itself is well-crafted, with R-Mean showcasing his lyrical prowess over a mesmerizing beat. But what truly makes “TBS” stand out is the impressive lineup of featured artists. Offset, Scott Storch, and Db Bantino all make appearances on the track, delivering scorching verses that complement R-Mean’s own bars perfectly.

The production on “TBS” is also top-notch, with R-Mean enlisting the talents of Scott Storch and Avedon to create a beat that perfectly complements the song’s tone and mood.

Overall, “TBS” is yet another impressive addition to R-Mean‘s growing catalog of hits. Whether you’re a long-time fan or a newcomer to his music, this track is definitely worth a listen. So, go ahead and hit that play button, share it with your friends, and download it to your playlist. You won’t be disappointed!