One relative of the family of four killed in the Ojuelegba container accident, has claimed that they spent millions of Naira before the Lagos state government released their corpses.] The family, consisting of Pastor Emeka Okoli, his wife, and two children, along with nine other passengers, were tragically killed when a container-laden truck fell on the commercial bus they were aboard at Ojuelegba bridge in Lagos on January 29, 2023. [The remains of the family of four were buried amid tears in their village in Orumba North Local Government Area of Anambra State on Thursday, March 16, 2023.] Following their burial, the sister of the deceased pastor, Ijeoma, took to Facebook to express her disappointment and call out the Lagos State government for subjecting their family to stress and agony before they released the remains of the family. [She wrote, “My brother’s death and his family opened my eyes to see the wickedness of this country and our leaders. We suffered in the hands of the Lagos State government just to carry their corpse. We spend millions before their corpse were released.”] Ijeoma went on to express her anger and frustration towards the government, stating that she prayed for them to suffer the same fate and be punished by God for the trauma they caused her family. She also lamented the fact that her brother and his family would still be alive today if they were in another country, and that Nigeria is not a place to live as it is a death zone looking for who to kill. She also shared several heartbreaking pictures of the deceased family, and expressed her deep sorrow and pain for the loss of her loved ones.


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