Nigerian singer, Divine Ikubor, who goes by the stage name Rema, has shown support for a group of Iranian women who were arrested for dancing to one of his songs. The five women gained international attention when a video of them dancing to Rema and Selena Gomez’s hit track ‘Calm Down’ went viral on the internet. The video sparked controversy in Iran, as women are not allowed to dance in public, and could face prosecution for doing so.

The women reportedly filmed the dance video in support of an activist movement fighting for women’s rights in Iran. However, the video led to their arrest, and they were held in police custody for two days, during which they were emotionally abused and forced to apologize for their actions.

Shahrak Ekbatan, an Iranian activist, confirmed the arrest and said, “These girls were under arrest by the #IRGCterrorists for almost two days where they were emotionally abused and a forced confession was taken from them, apologizing for dancing in public.”

Reacting to the incident, Rema took to Twitter to show his support for the women and other Iranian women fighting for a better world. He expressed his admiration for them and their bravery, stating that he is inspired by their actions.

In his tweet, Rema said, “To all the beautiful women who are fighting for a better world, I’m inspired by you, I sing for you and I dream with you. ✊🏿🤍🇮🇷”

Rema’s message of support has been welcomed by fans and supporters of women’s rights worldwide, who have praised the singer for his compassion and solidarity with the women of Iran.