Actor, Denola Grey, has expressed his dismay at the widespread violence and voter intimidation that has occurred during the current governorship and house of assembly elections, which have been associated with the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Taking to the microblogging platform Twitter, Denola made it clear that he holds the All Progressives Congress responsible for some of the violence that has taken place in some voting stations in Lagos state. He went on to inform APC supporters that they are complicit in these attacks and that he does not appreciate or want them around him.

According to Denola, those who support APC do so out of greed, in order to spend money that does not belong to them. He believes that there is no room for neutrality in this situation and that anyone who supports the party is complicit in what he considers to be blatant evil.

Denola’s tweet reads as follows:

“Honestly if you support APC you’re complicit. I do not respect you. I don’t want you around me. There is no room for neutrality in this. This is blatant evil. All this because of greed? Because you want to steal and ‘chop’ money that doesn’t belong to you? Curses are too calm. Hell is too cold.”

Denola’s strong statement comes in the wake of widespread reports of violence and voter intimidation during the governorship and house of assembly elections in Nigeria. The All Progressives Congress has been implicated in some of these incidents, which have led to concerns about the fairness and integrity of the electoral process. Denola’s tweet is just one example of the strong emotions that these events have stirred up among the Nigerian people, who are demanding justice and accountability from their political leaders.