Nigerian singer, Yhemolee, has taken to his social media page to reveal that he was paid a whopping sum of 100 million naira to appear at a show in Anambra.

Yhemolee, who is well known for his love for nightlife and partying, shared screenshots of a chat between a club manager and one of his friends. In the chat, they were planning on inviting him over to Abuja for a show, and it appears his fee was set at 100 million naira. The second screenshot shows messages he received from the manager who identified himself as the manager of Club Caesar in Anambra.

In his next post, Yhemolee notified his fans that he’s coming to Anambra, and he seems to be proud of the amount he was paid for the show. “100m for show 😂😂 watimagbo asake no hot pass me. Anambra oya I dey come,” he wrote.

This announcement has generated a lot of buzz on social media, with many people expressing shock at the amount Yhemolee was paid for a single show. However, some others believe he deserves it, considering his influence and popularity in the Nigerian music industry.